Fantastic holiday on Ho Tram Beach, Vung Tau, Vietnam

Along with the Bai Dai beach  in Phu Quoc (Kien Giang province), Ho Tram is listed as one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Vietnam.

Ho Tram is a long beach that is located between Long Hai and Binh Chau, in the Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau beach, about 120 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. It is about 30 kilometers north of the town of Vung Tau to the beach in Ho Tram.

Ho Tram is not so crowded as other famous beaches, the sea is totally clear and blue.


Means of transport in Vung Tau

There are different modes from Ho Chi Minh City to the Ho Tram in Vung Tau Beach. Next to the motorcycle you can reach a bus in the Mien Dong bus station to Vung Tau. The ticket costs about 100,000 dong per capita. Every half hour there is a bus. Alternatively you can choose the fast boat with the ticket price 200,000 dong per head. It takes about 1.5 hours. After arriving at Vung Tau, you can take another bus to Ho Tram.

Attractions – what to see in Vung Tau and Ho Tram


The beach in Ho Tram is still untouched although it is near the large city of Vung Tau. On this beach you can spend the time to relax, enjoy the fresh air at the sea and discover evergreen casuarina or cayuput forest. This is truly an ideal place for a family holiday. Tourists can enjoy bathing as well as fresh seafood and explore the biodiversity of the Binh Chau -Phuoc Buu protected area, which is about 12,000 hectares.

Hotels and resorts in Ving Tau and Ho Tram Beach


There are many luxury hotels and resorts around both Vung Tau and  Ho Tram Beach. The price is of course unfavorable, but you can relax off the big cities. Ho Tram Beach Resort & Spa, Sanctuary Ho Tram Resort, Sao Mai Boutique Villas and MGM Grand Ho Tram Beach are highly recommended.

What to eat?

Fresh seafood and delicious dish is reserved in first class restaurants. In addition, the stop in Vung Tau, the local restaurants such as Ganh Hao (No.3 Road Tran Phu), Thanh Phat 1 (Sao Mai) … pre-muck.

Fresh seafood is fished by local fishermen and sold in the Luoi market. Luoi market is small, but here you can buy different types of seafood such as shrimp, fish, crabs, squid, etc. with the best price. The market usually opens at 6: 6 in the morning or 16: 5 in the afternoon.


If you visit Ho Tram on weekends, you should book the hotel room in advance. There is a boat from Vung Tau to the island of Con Dao. Thanks to the untouched landscape, Ho Tram attracts many domestic and foreign tourists, especially during the summer. If you travel through Vietnam, Ho Tram is an ideal choice for you and your family. You may enquire a Vietnam holiday including Vung Tau and Ho Tram



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